Your Wealth Guru is inaugurated in 2010 by Mr Deepak Tyagi in India. Your Wealth Guru is one of India’s best financial services firm covering the entire reach of investors and offering services such as Portfolio Management, Brokerage & Distribution in an extensive sector of Equities, Commodities, and Mutual Funds. We followed a consistent growth path & added more financial products like Investment Banking, Loan & Insurance. And we always have a forward-looking approach.

Our beliefs are totally client’s centric with a clear focus on providing short and long term value addition to clients while maintaining the high standard of transparency and excellence. Today we have 2000+ happy customers across cities in India.

Our mission is to be known best in Investment advisory and also become the first choice for clients by providing innovating financial solutions. We ensure that the investment of the client grows only further and further.

We believe that our experience of over the years has helped us to integrate our knowledge and expertise in the broking industry with the technology we provide to our retail clients through various platforms. We have enhanced client engagement and experience through the application of technology to all our services.

Our History

Your Wealth Guru is an Indian diversified financial services firm offering a range of financial products and services. The company was founded by Mr Deepak Tyagi about 10 years ago. Later the firm entered into investment banking followed by equity funds. And over the years the firm has come up with so many services and the firm has achieved tremendous growth over the years.

Mission & Values

To provide best value for money to investors through innovative products, investment strategies, advanced technology, and personalized service.

Why Your Wealth Guru?

With the right experience, expertise and clients’ trust, makes Your Wealth Guru a preferred choice for your needs. Every Client is offered an optimal alternative available in the market, ensuring that all the requirements of the Clients are covered with a great level of solution. At Your Wealth Guru, a dedicated team looks after the client’s needs and ensures that the solution provided meets its requirement in an optimal manner.

Transparent Consulting

We are like an open book. All the services that we provide are fully transparent. We at Your Wealth Guru discuss everything with our client. Our aim is to make every customer feel safe and secure and make them at ease. Clients’ and their family’s needs are the prime focus for us when it comes to offering a solution. Hence one can be assured of a suitable and convenient plan that we propose to them.

Quality Assurance – We assure you to provide quality services at all cost.

Planning & Strategy – Our planning and strategy are such that gives the best result.

Portfolio Management – We provide the best result in PMS. Our success ratio is very good.

Financial Planning – We helps you in financial planning for future growth.

Integrated Management, Process, and Change Technology

To have complete harmony between quality in process and continuous improvement to deliver exceptional service that will benefit our clients.


Quality Assurance

Our strict quality assurance process is meticulously followed and regularly updated to ensure that our clients receive consistent quality and second-to-none customer service.


Portfolio Management

Your Wealth Guru offers a  customized investment avenue for privileged clients. Investors, through our schemes, would have access to virtually every asset class in India through a single window.


Planning & Strategy

At Your Wealth Guru, we understand that people desire more from a Wealth Management firm than simply accumulating more wealth. They desire to manage their wealth in a meaningful way.


Financial Planning

With personalized Financial Planning, Your Wealth Guru can help you plan any or all of your life goals i.e. retirement, children’s future, purchase of an asset, debt management and other such goals.


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